Allen Varney, Writer and Traveler



By Allen Varney

[Published in Adventurers Club magazine, 1996]

Chewing gum? Obnoxiously cute Mattel toys? No, "perklets" are the tiny ways life goes well for your Champions character. Too rare or trivial to cost whole character points, these little benefits pioneer the greatest design concept since the +1/3 advantage: decimal character points!

Cost (pts) Perklet
0.1 Permission to Photocopy
0.2 Can Lift One Eyebrow Like Mr. Spock
0.2 Easily Assumes Full Lotus Position
0.2 Remembers Dreams
0.2 Tans Without Peeling
0.2 Wiggles Ears, Curls Tongue Into Tube, Can Bend Thumb Back Until It Touches Wrist, etc.
0.3 Immunity to Jury Duty
0.3 Member, International Youth Hostels
0.3 Fruit-of-the-Month Club
0.4 Has Correct Change
0.4 ea Usually Picks Fastest Line (per Environment: Supermarket, Bank, Airport, Other)
0.4 ea Turns Almost Exactly to Page Needed on First Try (half-phase action, per Environment: Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Phone Book, Spellbook)
0.5 On Really Neat Mailing Lists
0.5 Not on Annoying Mailing Lists
0.6 ea Free Pass (per Environment: Disneyland, Euro Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, Walt Disney World)
0.7 Can Fix Parking Tickets
0.7 Can Program VCR
0.8 Related to Airline Employee, Flies Cheaply
0.9 Knows Real Words to "Louie, Louie"

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