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Scenarios for FASA's Earthdawn roleplaying game

by Allen Varney and Don Webb


This book of Earthdawn Legends supplements the Earthdawn game. It describes short adventure ideas based on legends of the province of Barsaive.

This book groups the legends according to the eight name-giver races. Each section begins with a few brief myths, stories, or anecdotes that define the race's attitudes, provide color, and aid roleplaying. The rest of each section gives longer legends with accompanying adventure ideas, and sometimes new spells, magical treasures, and background material. The gamemaster should review this new material and decide how much of it, if any, to add to the game.

Players can read the short name-giver legends at the start of each section, the ones with titles in both capital and lower-case letters. If the legend's title appears in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, only the gamemaster should read the legend.

This supplement requires the Earthdawn rulebook. The Barsaive boxed set and Legends of Earthdawn Vol. 1 should prove helpful but not necessary.

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Invocation to Lochost Dwarf Legends Elf Legends Human Legends Obsidiman Legends Ork Legends Troll Legends T'skrang Legends Windling Legends

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