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A techno-fantasy (in progress) by Allen Varney

Table of Contents

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I'm distributing the .PDF file under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial 1.0 license. The complete text of this license appears at the end of the .PDF file. The key terms of this license: Attribution (I let you copy, distribute, display, and perform this work; in return, you must give me credit as the original author); Noncommercial (you may not use this work for commercial purposes, unless you first get my permission); No Derivative Works (I let you copy, distribute, display, and perform only unaltered copies of this work, not derivative works based on it).

1: Bloodshow: Fungus Caves of Leppor [6,200 words]

2: Bloodshow: Base of the Plasmodium [640 words]

3: Bloodshow: Slime Train [2,400 words]

4: Bloodshow: Ambit Reality Pressor [6,900 words]

5: Bloodshow: Plasmodium Summit [1,500 words]

6: Bloodshow: Leppor's Lookout Stalk [2,200 words]

7: Bloodshow: Null Boundary [450 words]

8: Alizar: Desert of Dreams

9: Alizar: Growling Dunes

10: Alizar: Thornbrake

11: Alizar: Petrified Forest

12: Alizar: Dustdevil Channel

13: Bloodshow: Ruddfruit Fields

14: Alizar: The Glass Wastes

15: Mount Gild: Elastic Cliffs

16: Mount Gild: Bungee Village

17: Mount Gild: The Strings

18: Mount Gild: Wirefighters Seaside Arena

19: Mount Gild: Uptop

20: Viridia: Five-Mile Tree

21: Viridia: Puffball Grove

22: Viridia: Glissatra's Glade

23: Viridia: Five-Mile Crown

24: Viridia: Ground Zero

25: Viridia: Zero Line

26: Zur: Glorious Supremo-Gladmistress Mordala Frothhite Boulevard

27: Zur: Dome Circuit Tunnel D-24-L, Meterpost 517

28: Zur: Hydra Squadron Special Weapons Armory

29: Zur: MONAD Headquarters, Nexus Vault

30: Zur: MONAD Headquarters, Shipping Dock 001

31: Zur: MONAD Core

32: Indic: Airborne Security Transport, Subordinate Grade

33: Indic: Amethyst HSB Arcology, 156th Floor

34: Indic: Lawmaker Solution Services (The Manifold)

35: Indic: The Memory Hole

36: Indic: Prosperity Square

37: Bloodshow: Plasmodium Summit

38: Jacaran: Worldview Atrium

39: Jacaran: Worldview Central

40: Next-to-Last Stop

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