Allen Varney, writer and game designer


About me

You can reach me at allenvarney [at] gmail [dot] com. I'm on Twitter: @AllenVarney

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I'm an American freelance writer and game designer, currently living in my longtime home of Austin, Texas. My published work includes six books, three boardgames, nearly two dozen roleplaying game supplements, contributions to several computer games, the fantasy novel Cast of Fate (TSR, 1996), and over 300 articles, reviews, columns, and stories.

I wrote the 2004 edition of the classic 1980s roleplaying game PARANOIA (published by Mongoose Publishing), and I edited and packaged the first two years of that edition's support line. Some of the PARANOIA writers, who formed a group called the Traitor Recycling Studio, have joined me to create a new humor website, Ninjalistics, your leading provider of ISO 9000-compliant corporate espionage and assassination services.

Austin e-learning company Enspire Learning produces the computer version of my multiplayer business ethics and leadership simulation, Executive Challenge. The Wall Street Journal covered Executive Challenge in its May 10, 2004 issue.