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This page last updated: August 5, 1999

I've written regular columns for four national magazines (Collect!, Dragon, The Duelist, InQuest) and over 100 articles and reviews in two dozen more magazines. Along with "The New Improved Beast" (a history of werewolves, mentioned on my home page), here are more samples.

"Turkey's Underground Cities"

Published in Dragon magazine #201, this 1994 article outlines the history of the vast subterranean cities carved by fugitive Christians beneath the Cappadocian plains starting in the 3rd Century CE. Real-world dungeons!

"Movie Munchies"

A short humor piece from Video magazine about "food films" (Babette's Feast, Like Water For Chocolate, Tampopo) -- the ones that make you hungry.

The Acme Novelty Library

A 1995 assessment of the work of brilliant cartoonist Chris Ware.

"Silicon Hollywood"

A rundown of the rather rundown computer gaming industry as of Spring 1998, written for non-gamers. From the first issue (Summer 1998) of the relaunch of Amazing Science Fiction, published by Wizards of the Coast.

Articles from InQuest magazine

The gaming magazine InQuest slips in a few "educational" articles now and then. Even these, though, manifest IQ's popular smartaleck attitude. (Copyright ©1995,1997,1999 by Wizard Press. Posted here by permission.)

"Cthulhu Lives!"

A 1995 article on American horror writer H. P. Lovecraft (1890-1937), creator of the Cthulhu Mythos.

"Space Opera"

This unpublished 1997 article chronicles the history of the slam-bang planet-smashing subgenre that culminated in Star Wars.

Articles and "Blast From the Past" columns from Collect!

For three years (1996-99) I wrote a trading-card column for Tuff Stuff Collect! magazine. These 600-word pieces used some 1960s or '70s trading card set as a jump-point into pop-culture history. (Copyright ©1997,1998,1999 Tuff Stuff Publications. Posted here by permission.)

"Gross Makes a Comeback"

A 1998 article on Comic Images' Meanie Babies trading card set, parodying the faddishly popular Beanie Babies. Meet "Garbage Pail Kids" artist John Pound and learn just how -- involved -- he gets when painting characters like Upchuck the Duck and Snotty the Bull.

Five Adventure Gaming Articles from The Austin Chronicle

True, I write mainly for gaming magazines, but I can communicate with normal people too. These articles and reviews (all from 1997) are guaranteed jargon-free.

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